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Note: For The Zapier Integration Testing Team

If you are part of the Zapier integration team and are looking to test the integration with our platform, you can find a detailed test guide here: Docs For The Zapier Integration Testing Team

About The Zapier Integration

If you are a course creator hosting your courses with, you can easily integrate your website with over 5000 other apps and websites, by using Zapier.

Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to easily connect apps and websites together, with no coding involved using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

The configuration of integration workflows is very easy to understand, and it revolves around the notions of Triggers and Actions.

Here is the full list of applications that you can currently integrate with your course website, using our Zapier integration.

 Notice that you can filter this list per category, using the left menu:

Search All Zapier Integrations Available

You can also find here the official Zapier page of the platform: Integrations.

Typical Integration Scenarios

Here are some common integration scenarios for which you might need our Zapier API:

Scenario 1 - Take external payments and enroll students automatically in a course

You want to sell your courses in some external payment or e-commerce platform, like WooCommerce, Razorpay, Square, Instamojo or many others. 

And then in response to that payment, you want to immediately enroll a student in a course on your website, and create an account for the student if he/she doesn't have one yet.

Here is a full list of payment gateways with which you can integrate:

Payment Processing Apps Compatible With Zapier

Scenario 2 - Add new students to your email sequence in your favorite email provider

In this scenario, you want to detect when a new student email is available, and you want to automatically add the email to your email list in order to be able to email your students later outside the platform.

You might also want to add your students to a welcome sequence list, managed outside our platform.

Here are the applications that you can integrate with using this scenario:

Zapier Email Newsletter Apps

Zapier Drip Email Apps

Scenario 3 - Get notified when a students purchase a product

You might want to track your student orders in a Google sheet, as new payments are received. Certain of your courses might actually be bookings for coaching calls, so you want to be notified by email, Slack message,  SMS, or all of those channels that a new order was made.

And these are just very common integration scenarios, but you are not limited to only these particular scenarios. 

With our Zapier Triggers and Actions, you can create all sorts of integration with other platforms.

Setting Up Your Zapier Integration

The first thing that you are going to need is to authenticate with the Zapier platform and confirm to them that you own your course website which is hosted on our platform.

For that, you are going to need your Zapier Integration token:

Where to find your Zapier Integration Token

Zapier Triggers

The following Zapier triggers are currently available:

Zapier Actions

The following Zapier actions are currently available: REST API Documentation

Here are our currently available REST endpoints:

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