List All Courses REST Endpoint

This endpoint returns all your courses in your account on the platform.

This includes all courses; published, unpublished, drafts, etc.

You can call this endpoint with a GET HTTP request to /api/zapier-tenant-courses


To submit a successful GET request, you need to provide the correct value in the x-integration-token HTTP header. 

You can obtain your x-integration-token by signing in with your Admin account to, and then going to   Admin >> Setting >> Zapier Integrations >> Activate

See here for detailed instructions: Where to find your Zapier Integration Token

Required Headers

Make sure that you fill in these headers when calling this endpoint:

- Accept:  application/json 
- X-INTEGRATION-TOKEN: put here your Zapier integration token

Sample Response

The HTTP response will be an array of course objects. And here is a sample HTTP response that you will get after a successful call to this endpoint:

    "id": "23dsrdfdf"
    "course": "How to win friends"
    "id": "SCdfddSDGDF"
    "course": "Setting up your online business"

Description Of Properties

Attribute                                           Type                                        Description
 id                                                    string                                       This is the unique course identifier
 course                                            string                                       This is the course title
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