Zapier Course Enrollment Trigger

When is this triggered?

This trigger occurs whenever a student gets enrolled in a course. For example, this trigger is going to be called whenever the user purchases your course using Stripe or Paypal.

How It Works

When this trigger goes off, it will return the following data your zap:

Item                                         Description
Source                                     The payment method used for the course purchase: Stripe, Paypal,etc.
Course ID                                Unique identifier for the course that the student enrolled in
Course Title                             Title of the course that the student has just enrolled in 
Email                                        Email address of the student who enrolled in the course

Typical Use Cases

Here are some typical use cases for this trigger:

  • add your student to a welcome email sequence that is specific to the course
  • add the student name and email to a Google spreadsheet
  • email the student a discount coupon to another one of your courses that is closely related to the course that they just enroled
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