Enroll Student Zapier Action


The Enroll Student Action allows you to enroll a student automatically from a third-party platform into your OnlineCourseHost.com platform.

How It Works

This action will create a new student if that student does not exist in OnlineCourseHost.com and assign the selected course to the student. 

In case the student already exists on OnlineCourseHost.com, the action will simply assign the selected course to the student. It also sends a welcome email to the new student with the login details and the name of the course enrolled.


The following data needs to be provided to successfully use this action:

Attribute                     Description    
name ( optional)           Student name    
email ( required)           Student email address, will be used to create a new account if necessary        
Course ( required)         The course where we want to enroll the student     
password ( required)      Password for the student's account, only used if no account exists yet    

Typical Use Cases

The most typical use case for this Action is when the course creator wants to accept payments in other platforms other than Stripe or Paypal.

In those cases, a zap can be set up to automatically enroll a student in your OnlineCouseHost.com platform when the student makes a purchase from a platform that supports Zapier but does not integrate directly with OnlineCouseHost.com, such as for example Razorpay, Instamojo, WooCommerce, and many others.

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