Enroll Student Action API

This endpoint allows the creation of a student account if it doesn't exist already on the OnlineCourseHost.com platform and enrolls the student in a particular course, all on the same call.

This endpoint is particularly useful for scenarios where you want to sell your courses in external platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify, or when you want to use other alternative payment gateways other than Stripe or Paypal (like RazorPay, MercadoLatino, etc.).

This endpoint allows you to sell your courses in those alternative payment platforms, for which we don't have a direct integration, and you can then automatically create a student account on your course website and enroll the student in the course they just paid.

This endpoint can be triggered with a POST HTTP request to the following URL:  /api/zapier-enroll-student-action-webhook

In order to call this endpoint successfully, you need to make sure that you are correctly authenticated, and that you pass the correct values on the body of the request:


To submit a successful POST request, you need to provide the correct value in the   x-integration-token HTTP header. 

You can obtain your x-integration-token by signing in with your Admin account to OnlineCourseHost.com, and then going to  Admin >> Setting >> Zapier Integrations >> Activate

See here for detailed instructions: Where to find your Zapier Integration Token

Required Headers

Make sure that you fill in these headers when calling this endpoint:

- Content-Type: application/json 
- Accept:  application/json
- X-INTEGRATION-TOKEN: put here your Zapier integration token

Request Body

To call this HTTP POST endpoint, you need to pass the following properties in the JSON body of the request:

Attribute                   Type                        Description
name                         string                       Student name, optional
email                          string                      Student email, required
courseId                    string                       Unique identifier for the course where the student is being enrolled,  required
password                  string                       Password for the student account,  required

For finding the correct value for the courseId, you need to call first this endpoint in order to retrieve all the course Ids available:  List All Courses endpoint.

Sample Response

And here is a sample HTTP response that you will get after a successful course enrollment:

        "status": "success",
        "message": "Account created successfully.",
        "data": {
          "course": "How to win friends",
          "email": example@gmail.com

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