How to Activate Stripe on your course website?


There are two ways through which course creators can sell their courses to their students, and these are:

1. A one-time payment that gives access to a single course: This can be done both via Stripe or PayPal. Kindly refer to this link for steps on how to integrate PayPal

2. A membership subscription, which gives access to your whole course catalog: This can be done only via Stripe

What payment gateways does support?

We support both Stripe and PayPal.

When you sign in to your account >> click Courses >> Edit Course >> Prices & Coupons >> the page below is what you see.

This shows you the two payment gateways that are available.

How to activate your Stripe Integration

1. To integrate Stripe, confirm that the platform is available in your country: List of Stripe Supported Countries

2. After you have confirmed this, click  connect to stripe in the screenshot above, then follow the instructions and create a Stripe account.

In the end, you can click connect to link your Stripe account with our platform:

3. Afterward, you would be redirected to the courses page.

Go back to price and coupons, and you will notice that you have been successfully activated with Stripe. 

As such, you will no longer see the old Stripe button.

Note that: Stripe can be used for both one-time payments and subscriptions, and it's also the only gateway available for subscriptions on the platform.

Can both payment gateways be activated at the same time? 

Yes! Both payment gateways can be activated, but they will be used for different things.

Stripe can be used for both subscriptions and one-time purchases, while PayPal is only available for one-time purchases. 

Can I receive payment externally? 

Yes, you can receive payment externally, via other payment platforms, or even via wire transfer. 

However, you would have to manually enrol students for each course


PayPal is great for one-time payments as it accepts many alternatives like payments with debit and credit cards, etc. 

However, Stripe works great too for one-time payments. They can support other payment methods besides plain credit card, like Apple Pay, etc.

Subscriptions are optional, and they only work with Stripe.

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