How to integrate PayPal


There are two ways through which course creators can sell their courses to their students, and these are:

1. A one-time payment that gives access to a single course: This can be done both via Stripe or PayPal

2. A membership subscription, which gives access to your whole course catalog: This can be done only via Stripe

How to Activate Your PayPal Integration

To activate your PayPal integration, follow these steps:

1. To integrate PayPal, confirm that PayPal is available in your country: List of PayPal Supported Countries

2. Login to your account >> click Admin >> Settings >> Integrations.

3. Please note that you must have initially created an account on PayPal. Thus, input your PayPal account email and merchant ID in the boxes provided and click Activate.

4. When your students log in to their accounts and try to view their courses, they will then see PayPal being used for one-time payments and Stripe for subscriptions, in case you have decided to activate subscriptions on your website.

Below are some additional PayPal resources that you might need:

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Advantages of Using PayPal for One-Time Payments

When it comes to subscriptions, Stripe is the best option, and it's also the only gateway available for subscriptions on the platform. Kindly refer to this link for steps on how to activate Stripe

But for one-time payments, PayPal is even better. 

Notice that with PayPal payments, your students are not forced to pay you with their PayPal account. 

They can still pay via PayPal without creating an account with them, simply by presenting their credit card.

They can also pay by all sorts of methods available in the student's country, such as debit cards and other types of payments.

So using PayPal for one-time payments is usually more flexible and convenient for students.

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