How to manually enroll students in your courses?


This article covers how to enroll students manually and give them access to courses on your website.

Do I have to enroll students for my course manually?

Most of the time, you don't have to enroll students, this is only needed in certain situations.

Normally, most students will be enrolled automatically when they sign in to your custom domain name or the URL of your website. 

However, there are instances when you have to manually enroll your students so that they can take your course.

To make sure anyone can purchase your courses, you have to make your courses public.

To do this, kindly login to your account >> click Courses >> Edit Course >> Landing Page and untick both the make this a private course slider, and then make this a hidden course slider. 

When does manual enrollment become an option?

Manual enrollment becomes an option when you set your course to private or hidden. 

To do this, login to your account >> click courses >> edit course >> landing page and activate the make this a private or hidden course slider. 

Here are the differences between courses that are private and courses that are hidden:

Private Courses are publicly visible to anyone; however, they cannot be bought by anyone online because there is no option for using PayPal or Stripe.

Hidden Courses are just like private courses, they can't be purchased by students using Stripe or Paypal. But besides that, they are also not visible online at all. The only way your students can view the course is when they are signed in and you have manually enrolled them.

How to enroll students in Private or Hidden Courses automatically?

An alternative to manually enrolling them each time in the Manage Students screen is to send your students a free enrollment link, known only to them.

You can create such an enrollment link as a free Coupon, by going to Courses => Edit Courses => Price & Coupons Tab.

How do I manually enroll students for my courses?

To manually enroll your students, login to your account >> click Admin >> Manage Students >> Create User >> fill in the form >> Create User.

After this has been done, you can then forward an invitation email to your student's email address, with their password, to enable them to sign in to the course and take it.


The manual enrollment of students for a course is mainly used by content creators who sell courses to companies via wire transfer and creators whose countries can't make use of PayPal or Stripe.

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