How to customize the top menu?

The top bar plays a very important role in your website, as it is crucial for your course or online school’s navigation.

You can add extra custom links to your top navigation menu. You can use this for example to add a link to your blog or to other websites that you own.

In this tutorial, I show you how to customize your Top Menu on

The Admin Settings allow you to customize the top menu of your website.

1. Go to   Admin menu => Settings and locate the General tab.

2. Scroll down and locate Customize Top Menu.

3. Click on the plus sign 

7. Now you see the following pop-up window

In the first blank box, type in the title of your menu. In the second box, paste the link to the menu.

You can add menu titles and links to your blog or to other websites that you own.

8. Click Add Custom Link.9. Now you will see the link you added 

NOTE: You can add as many menus and links as you want. 

NOTE: When you add more than two 2 entries, the icons get added to a More dropdown:

And here is how the menu looks on mobile:

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