Where to find your Pabbly Integration Token


Pabbly is an integration platform that allows you to integrate your course website with many other applications, see the supported list of applications here.

For example, you can automatically enroll students in a course if they pay via an external payment gateway. Or you can add new students to your email welcome sequence on Mailchimp, you can add an entry to a Google Sheet after an order, and much more.

How to get your Pabbly Integration Token:

1. Log into your OnlineCourseHost account. 

2. Go to Admin, click on Settings, and then Integrations. 

3. Scroll down to Pabbly Integrations. 

4. Click on Activate and copy the token for your Pabbly Integration. 

5. Once the token is copied, paste it into the Pabbly authentication request as shown in the screenshot below. 

6. And then click on Yes, continue.

Please see our related on how to create a Pabbly integration (Workflow) on Onlinecoursehost.com

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