How to create a Pabbly integration (Workflow) on

The first few steps to take before creating a Pabbly workflow is to create a free Pabbly account and get a Pabbly token.

Kindly refer to these links to create a Pabbly account and get your Pabbly integration token on

Please note that you are to keep your Pabbly token very safe, as you will be needing it while creating a workflow. 

Step 1: Create a Workflow

To get started, login to your Pabbly account => click create workflow => enter the name of your workflow => click create.

Step 2: Set up a Trigger

A trigger is an event that sets your workflow in motion. In this case, is our trigger.

On the next page, search for and choose the app as the first one you would like to connect and pick a trigger event. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be picking New Email Lead as a trigger event. That way, something would be set off when a student subscribes to my newsletter. Then, click connect. 

Since this is a new workflow, we will be adding a new connection. Input your integration token and click save.

Save and send a test request, to confirm that your account has been successfully connected to the pabbly account. 

Step 3: Choose an Action

This action is what happens after the trigger. When a new student signs up for my newsletter, what happens? 

Here, you will have to search for and pick the application you would like to connect to your account. 

For this tutorial, we will be making use of Discord. After this, select an action event. Whatever I pick is what I want to see on my Discord channel when a student signs up for my newsletter. 

Click connect, and move on to the next page. Here, the configurations you see vary from one app to the other. When you add the necessary details about your profile on the app you will use, click save and send test request.

If your test is successful, then your workflow has been fully created. You can then go back to your website to manually test again.

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