How to create a Zapier Integration (Zap) on

The first few steps to take before creating a zap is to create a free Zapier account and get a Zapier token. 

Kindly refer to these links to create a Zapier account and get your Zapier integration token on

Please note that you are to keep your Zapier token very safe, as you will be needing it while creating a zap. Now, you are ready to create your first zap.

Step 1: Create a Zap

To get started, log in to your onlinecoursehost account => click Admin => Settings => Integration => scroll down to Zapier Integration => click set up a zap

On the next page, scroll down, pick the app you would like to integrate your website with, and click Create zap

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be connecting my accounts with Google sheets to ensure the email address of every student who signs up on my platform is automatically saved on my Google sheets. 

Step 2: Set up a Trigger

A trigger is an event that sets zap in motion. In this case, is our trigger. 

Give your zap a name and select your trigger. 

Choose an event: In this case, it is the New Student Account, and continue the process.

Connect new account: Here is where you will input your Zapier integration token, to connect your onlinecoursehost account to your Zap. 

After adding your account, click continue and test your trigger to be sure it will work well.

Step 3: Set up an Action

This action is what happens after the trigger. When a new student signs up on my account, what happens? 

This is where you will select the app you want to connect with your website. That way, when a new student signs up on your website, an update would drop on the app you have selected. 

Choose an event: This is where you will specify the result you expect from the zap. Depending on the app you have selected, you will be given many options, that would suit your purpose. 

After setting up your action, it is recommended that you test it to be certain it runs well. 

If the test is successful, you can go ahead to publish your zap and turn it on. 

that if you are unable to set up zaps for your account and would need our assistance, you can also place an order for this and email us the apps you want to do and for what purpose.

To do this, kindly login to the Zapier integration page on your platform => click here >> then order zaps.

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