How to change your language

You may likely have students from different parts of the world on your site, and they may best understand how to easily navigate your site in a certain language. 

Luckily, supports various languages both for you and your students for easy navigation and ideal learning.

In this article, we will show you how to change your language settings to automatically translate the text written on your site.

The texts that are translated to your preferred language on your site are manually translated.

Change your language settings.

To change your language settings, kindly log into your account and click Admin => by your left-hand side, click the dropdown for Settings => General => scroll down to language settings.

Whatever language you select is the language that texts on your site appear to your students. You can contact our helpdesk via chat if you don't see your preferred language yet.

We would love to have your language supported on your site, and we will implement the translations for you in no time. However, the default language on the platform is English. 

Your students can change the site language in their own settings menu if you have checked the 'Allow students to override the site language' box; otherwise, they wouldn't be able to change the language setting. 

Kindly note that only the pages that your students can see will be translated. This means that the admin-only screens won't be translated.

After selecting your preferred language and checking the box (optional) then click Save.

More so, if you would like to change the language of the admin screens on your site, you can choose your preferred language using the dropdown in the website footer.

Please see our list of supported languages in Onlinecoursehost here.

Note: if your language is not listed there, you can contact our support desk with your desired language, and it will be integrated.

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