How To Create Quizzes

Quizzes are a great way to interact and engage with your students on a particular lesson or topic.

In this article, you will learn how to create quizzes for your students in the elementary steps below:

  • Creating the quiz lesson
  • Editing the quiz 
  • Select the correct quiz answer

STEP 1: Creating the Quiz Lesson

1. Go to the course page and click Edit course >> Add Lesson >> Quiz

2. Enter the quiz title and click Create Lesson.

STEP 2: Editing the Quiz

  1. Click on the drop-down menu on the quiz lesson you just created. You can add a lesson description by clicking the downward arrow button to reveal the lesson description field (this is optional).
  2. Then, add the quiz title and the quiz description.

3. Click on + Add Questions to start creating questions for your quiz.

NOTE: If the course is a paid course you can toggle the Free Lesson slider if you want to make this a free lesson.

You can also make the quiz lesson a prerequisite by toggling the Make this lesson a prerequisite slider.

Also, you can set the minimum passing Grade for your quiz.

4.  Click the Add Questions button and a sub-lesson with the header Question 1 will appear, then proceed to click on this sub-lesson to reveal the question and related lecture fields. 

5. Write the multi-choice quiz question and select the related lesson in the drop-down list of lessons. 

6. Then click on the Add Answer button to reveal Answer 1.1 and a multi-choice answer to the question. 

  1. You can also add the answer hint and click the checkbox if this is the correct answer (this is optional).

Repeatedly click on the Add Answer button for as many multi-choice answers as you want to add to the question.

You can use the bin icon on the right to delete a particular quiz answer.

  1. Click the Save button and publish the lesson.


The quiz lesson only supports multi-choice questions.

Each question needs to have a minimum of two answers, with one being the correct answer.

Step 3: Selecting the Correct Quiz Answer

When adding multiple-choice options to your quiz question, one answer needs to be correct while the others should be incorrect. 

After adding the answers to your quiz, you want to select the correct answer by clicking the checkbox, Is this the correct answer? 

Then, write a hint in the hint field as to why this is the correct answer.

This is what your quiz will look like to your students.

With these easy steps, you can start creating your very own quizzes to keep your students engaged and your courses interactive on

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