How to activate a custom domain?

The process of activating a custom domain is divided into 4 simple steps:

  • Choose your custom domain
  • Activate your free SSL certificate
  • Activate your domain
  • Test your custom domain

Step 1 - Choose Your Custom Domain

Login to your dashboard and click Admin >> Settings >> Click Domain name >> Request Custom Domain

Choose the custom subdomain you would like to make use of. Confirm that you already own the domain name and click Start Activation

Step 2 - Activate Your Free SSL Certificate

On the next page, some CNAME records would be provided for you:

Login to your domain registrar's DNS Manager to input the CNAME records to verify your ownership of the domain name. While inputting the CNAME records, make use of 60 as the TTL.

Wait for some minutes. Then, click the " check certificate" button.

Step 3 - Activate Your Website

After checking the certificate, a page with a new CNAME record would open up. Repeat step 4 and add the CNAME record in your DNS manager.

Wait for some minutes and click the " check website" button. 

If the CNAME records have successfully propagated, a new page would open to tell you that your custom domain had been activated. 

Step 4 - Test Your Custom Domain

Afterward, you can then load your custom domain on the browser, and it will load securely.

And with this, you have activated the custom domain of your online academy. 

Congratulations. 😉

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